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„The Exxceed Integrated amplifier is the first component of a new generation of audio components. Analog and digital. Technology, sound and design at the highest level. Now and in the future.In Exxceed Integrated, the essence of 20 years of experience in amplifier construction is concentrated, classic and modern at the same time. Thus, a classically complex analog double mono design is combined with the possibility of providing adequate access to four – with the optional USB/DSD module up to five – high-resolution digital sources in addition to four analog sources. In this way, sovereign performance development is combined with the reproduction of musical subtleties, creating the technical basis for music reproduction that is committed to the ideal of authenticity. Music gets a stage and becomes an experience.The latter can be enjoyed not only through connected speakers, but also through headphones due to the integrated headphone amplifier.The Exxceed Integrated is presented in a timelessly elegant housing made of solid aluminium and steel without visible screws. The housing architecture with its selectable surfaces – anodized, nextel-coated or chrome-plated – not only allows adaptation to the individual ambience, but also protects the highly amplified audio signals with technical features such as the sandwich construction of the housing cover and the Trigon vibration absorber feet from sound damaging influences by microphony.The symmetrically arranged controls, source selection on the left and volume on the right, stand for the recurring basic functions that can be operated intuitively. The large TFT display, which can be switched off and configured individually in colour, clearly shows all operating states and operating functions.In the menu mode, which can be selected via touch function, both controllers have a second function: select left, set right. For example, the balance, the level of the inputs, their names or the various filters of the integrated digital-to-analog converter. Of course, the most important functions of the Exxceed can also be controlled with the optionally available Trigon Director Premium infrared system remote control.The clarity of the design and the operating logic combine aesthetic demands and problem-free suitability for everyday use. The value of the external appearance is a reflection of the technical know-how and its implementation within. The construction of the Exxceed Integrated combines optical, haptic and of course musical characteristics on an outstanding level.Exxceed – exceeds your expectations.”


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Trigon Exxceed czarny

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