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Domestic S/PDIF interfaces use the traditional RCA phono connector which is not impedance matched to the 75 Ohm transmission line. This causes measurable insertion loss and an increase in jitter due to signal reflections at the connector boundaries. The all new Digiloc(TM) RCA plugs are more closely impedance matched than ever before and measurements have shown, reduce insertion loss by up to 1.2 dB compared to ordinary RCA plugs.A dual layer closely woven 99.999% OFC shield braid and aluminium mylar wrap with 100% coverage comprise a triple layer electromagnetic shield coaxially spaced around the central signal carrier within a foamed polyethylene dielectric. This ensures that interference signals induced by nearby high current noise sources do not contribute to higher signal jitter than would otherwise be the case. By the same token the shielding prevents unwanted voltage induced interference escaping the cable which might affect nearby analogue signal carriers.Through the use of factory controlled geometry and low permittivity foamed polyethylene dielectrics, Reference Digital Audio 40 maintains the correct characteristic impedance to match the transmission line between digital source and sink precisely. This makes for a very low jitter signal transfer which, listening tests have shown, leads to clearly audible sonic improvements.Silver Plated 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper (SPOFC) central conductor with extruded foamed Polyethylene (PE) dielectric- for sonic purity and low return lossDouble 99.999% OFC braid for 100% electromagnetic screening coverageTwin leaf 24c Gold plated QED 'Digiloc (TM)’RCA plugs featuring high purity copper contacts, hollow centre pin and low eddy current design75 ohm coaxial design with close match 75 ohm locking plug for reduced return lossQED Lifetime Guarantee


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Qed Przewód Koaksjalny 3m Qe3214